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Healthcare legislation is a very specific sector-based law governing the activities of public and private actors in the healthcare industry. It includes all the legal regulations specific to the activity, organization and functioning of this sector.

Healthcare legislation is undergoing numerous changes and transformations due to the emergence of contemporary issues such as digital technology and the evolution of institutional governance.

Through its multidisciplinary practice, Earth Avocats has a comprehensive approach to healthcare legislation. It advises its clients through an articulation of various regulatory and transactional considerations. Among its clients, Earth Avocats counts Hospital Centers, University Hospital Centers, Regional University Hospital Centers, Territorial Hospital Groups, private for-profit or non-profit healthcare establishments, Public Interest Groups, Economic Interest Groups etc.

  • Public and private healthcare establishments legislation
  • Health cooperation (GCS agreement, GIE, GIP, FMIM, PIE, GHT) and specific structures legislation (hospital foundation, etc. )
  • Authorizations legislation: care and equipment activities
  • Legislation for contracts applied to healthcare
  • e-health legislation (online healthcare services)
  • Healthcare data protection legislation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical practice legislation