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16/01/2023 – Jean-Michel Blanquer joins Earth Avocats today

Jean-Michel Blanquer is a professor of public law and a former minister. He will contribute his expertise in supporting projects of general interest, particularly in the fields of ecological transition and sustainable development.

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Jean-Michel Blanquer joins Earth Avocats,
an expert firm committed to supporting positive impact projects

Paris, January 16, 2023 – Jean-Michel Blanquer, a lawyer admitted to the Paris Bar, joins Earth Avocats as a partner.

Founded in 2011 by Yves-René Guillou, Florence David and Thomas Laffargue, Earth Avocats is a French law firm specializing in supporting projects related to the creation, responsible use and preservation of common goods.

It brings together some thirty lawyers who are experts in public and business law. The firm advises more than 400 companies, institutions and associations on positive impact projects in the vital and structuring sectors of community life – water, energy, health, social, mobility, telecommunications, urban planning, real estate, etc.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is an associate professor of public law and a former minister. He will bring senior and cross-disciplinary expertise in supporting projects with a strong public interest dimension, particularly in the areas of sustainable development and the environment.

“This choice to turn to the legal profession and to join Earth Avocats marks a new stage in my commitment to promote the development of a fairer, more sustainable and more enterprising society for future generations. Since the first steps of my professional life, I have been convinced that this transformation relies essentially on education and law in the context of the ecological and digital transition. It is a great satisfaction to be able to associate myself with a highly competent law firm which, since its creation, defends values and makes possible projects aiming at precisely this same ambition. The notion of ‘common good’, which concerns nature as well as public services, is crucial on the political as well as the legal level”, comments Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Earth Avocats has taken a new step in the development of its activities in France and abroad, offering unique know-how in the setting up of large-scale and meaningful operations.

“We are proud and happy to welcome Jean-Michel Blanquer to our firm. This recruitment reinforces our expertise in public law, in addition to providing our clients with strategic advice and a thorough understanding of the challenges of the ecological transition. The arrival of Jean-Michel Blanquer also reinforces the vision and development objectives of our firm, which is more than ever one of the most successful and committed in matters relating to the ecological and social transition,” said Yves-René Guillou.

Jean-Michel Blanquer will perform this new function in accordance with the opinion specifically issued by the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life.

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16/01/2023 Press release