Earth Avocats

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Construction and Real Estate Law

Earth Avocats is active in all aspects of building the city of the future. Our construction and real estate practices aim to integrate the highest social and environmental requirements for improved community living.

The firm will easily meet all the legal needs of your real estate projects, both in terms of transaction and regulatory advice and litigation, throughout the entire construction or renovation process.

The Construction Law team provides legal assistance to project developers, public and private entities, and to local public/private partnerships. Our expertise is at work right from the start of the development, throughout the life of the construction site, and at the time of acceptance/delivery of the project. Our competence also includes the better enforcement of legal warranties of the contractors :

  • Drafting of public procurement contracts
  • Advice on complex set-ups (CPI, VEFA)
  • Preventive referrals
  • Litigation during the construction process (collective proceedings, claims, subcontracting, TS, site hazards)
  • Disputes related to the completion of works
  • Lifting of acceptance or delivery reservations
  • Enforcement of the contractors’ legal warranties in case of defects (GPA, biennial, decennial)
  • Enforcement of contractual or quasi-litigious liability warranties of the various service contracting parties
  • Litigation related to construction insurance (TRC, RC, RCD, CCRD, DO)
  • Real estate transaction (sale or lease)
  • Commercial leases