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Public Business Law

Mastering public business law is essential to the growth and security of the firm’s clients’ activities. Earth Avocats’s core competencies include mastering contracting methods between all types of public and private actors, knowing how to finance public interest initiatives, monitoring the development of all types of regulations, anticipating changes in government policies resulting from European Union legislation, and mastering the methods of obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits for our clients’ projects.

Our teams dedicated to public business law are proficient in the legal and strategic constraints linked to the world of business and public authorities.

This variety of knowledge shapes our identity on the legal market. The scope of our teams’ expertise ranges from public property issues to complex legal set-ups, as well as public and semi-public consortiums. Our colleagues are continually scrutinizing the new regulations in force to ensure the best possible set-ups and to accompany the entities thus created in carrying out their mission.

  • Public procurement contracts
  • Public property legislation (administrative property legislation)
  • Public and mixed companies legislation
  • Public and semi-public consortiums legislation