Earth Avocats

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Government entities

How can we protect each individual’s rights and freedoms while also meeting the requirements of living together? Knowing how to apprehend the individual in their interactions with the State entails knowing how to protect them from old and new threats while upholding their fundamental rights. Security, civil liberties, personal data, new currencies… Earth Avocats brings together all the expertise of a holistic approach to public and private interests that knows how to reconcile the sometimes-contradictory imperatives of regal power and individual freedoms. “We put our understanding of business at the service of projects in which business cannot be the only objective. We apply business law to projects that are the common concern of all.”


Earth Avocats applies its legal know-how to optimize the functioning of local authorities (distribution of competences, decision-making of the deliberative body), their public agencies, their public/private partnerships or local public companies.

We provide legal assistance to local authorities on the management of the public services they provide (public procurement contracts, concession agreements, public service contracts).

We also provide them with assistance in human resources management.

We defend civil liberties in the face of restrictive regulations and deal with priority issues concerning constitutionality.