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Community Development

The Community Development practice has been established and organized to support providers (public, semi-public, institutional, mixed and private) whose collective activities serve individuals as a priority, with the essential objective of ensuring the health and development of each individual. All of these providers, regardless of their status, face ongoing challenges to ensure the quality and efficiency of their services and are confronted with the task of balancing their public interest objectives with their financing and profitability needs.

The team offers its legal and strategic support services both to major exceptional projects (institutional mergers, development of new activities, construction operations and the awarding of large-scale procurement contracts/markets) and for day-to-day legal security and optimization needs.
Our legal and strategic transactional services cover the institutional and contractual processes of these providers.


The teams dedicated to the healthcare sector are responsible for assisting public and private healthcare establishments (profit-making or not), welfare and nursing establishments, supervisory authorities, partners and institutional players. These legal services cover all transactional and regulatory aspects relating to the implementation of their projects: healthcare cooperation, management of their institutional processes, conclusion of contracts essential to their activities and developments, their restructurings and, more generally, support for any current or diversified activity carried out by these providers.


The Public Housing practice covers assistance to public housing authorities (public housing agencies, accredited semi-public companies, etc.), professional federations, institutional players, as well as the partners and sponsors of these authorities. This assistance includes support for all activities related to public housing, but also for the development of new activities, the structuring, institutional and contractual processes of these operators, their financing and the institutional controls they face.

Earth Avocats also works with partners of public housing authorities such as builders or promoters, in the context of partnerships with public housing agencies.

Our activities are also aimed at local authorities, in particular those attached to the national professional organization that groups together all Public Housing Agencies, or at shareholders of approved companies and other public entities.


The team dedicated to the sports sector assists numerous local authorities in the award of general procurement contracts (in particular MPGP, a comprehensive public performance contract, and concession agreements) for the construction of sports facilities (such as aquatic centers). This team also assists sports federations and operators of sports facilities.


L’équipe dédiée à l’éducation et la culture apporte ses conseils auprès d’universités, de grandes écoles et d’opérateurs intervenant dans le secteur de la culture. Ce secteur est, également, essentiel dans le cadre de la réponse aux objectifs d’intérêt général tant au niveau national qu’au niveau local. L’actualité des projets liés au secteur de l’éducation suppose une adaptation juridique pour le portage de nouveau ensemble.