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Utilities & Infrastructure

To organize and enhance the value of operations related to public infrastructure, Earth Attorneys provides its clients with converging expertise to find an ad hoc solution to each issue.

Energy, mobility, telecommunications, water and waste management… we assist projects from start to finish and anticipate the constraints and strategic issues specific to each sector, giving projects their best opportunity for success


Earth Avocats has been advising major players in the telecommunications sector for many years in transactional, regulatory and litigation matters, addressing regulatory bodies such as ARCEP, ANFR, and judiciary courts on all issues encountered by providers in the deployment of their networks and the conduct of their activities.

The firm has a strong expertise in the regulatory aspects of the telecommunications industry and assists clients in the renegotiation of contractual agreements related to their activities.


Earth Avocats has specific expertise in renewable energy production plants, waste-to-energy plants, energy transmission and distribution networks, and electricity and gas pricing.


Whether it involves rail or guided transport, air transport, maritime or river transport, road or motorway transport, electric vehicles, intermodal transport or innovative solutions for transport companies or passengers, our aim is to support transport players in their efforts to modernize infrastructures and means of transport, improve the quality of service provided, or implement environmentally friendly transport solutions that contribute to the impact and attractiveness of regions and districts.

The major changes currently taking place in the transportation industry and the predominant place it occupies in the lives of individuals and companies are evidence of its strategic role in driving growth.

Aware of these challenges, and with its experience in the mobility and transport infrastructure sector, our firm has decided to create a practice dedicated to this particular industry.